About Elena Yianni

She is Young. She is Greek Cypriot. She is a Woman. She is Working-Class. She is Intelligent. She is Creative. She is Elena Yianni.

Her Journey into the Arts and what drives her to this day:


Elena gravitated towards the arts at the age of 5. Captivated by “High School musical”, a Disney channel favourite, she glowed with excitement and said, “When I grow up, I want to be part of something big and special like that!”.   From a young age she always found time to indulge in as many creative activities as she can, such as: singing, song-writing, films, painting, photography and creating short stories. She took the Performing Arts course at City and Islington College and in June 2021 she graduated from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire with a 1st class degree in Applied Theatre. 


“Solutions for an increasingly burdened planet will come from this huge potential that is unleashed, when marginalised people are empowered and empower themselves to lead. And when they enter the solution stream because they have all of the solutions. We just haven’t heard them all into manifestation yet" (Naomi Wolf)


People, Culture, Equality and Equity is at the core of her work and her way of working. She is an artist here to question, to empower, to experiment and to be a pioneer on this new path the arts are finally taking.