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'The Cruyff Turn Chronicles'

'Please Hold' by Joseph Hollas and 'The Foot Monster' by Will Owen.

Elena was Assistant Director on 'Please Hold' featuring in the 'The Cruyff Turn Chronicles'

About The Play's

"Entertain yourself with a night of Madness and Hilarity."

"Following on from Cruyff Turn's sell-out successes in Edinburgh and Norwich, we have returned from hibernation and isolation to bring to you theatre as you've never seen it before."

" A change of Direction"

Cruyff Turn Theatre Company, photo from Rehearsals for "The Foot Monster" (Early 2022)

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'The Foot Monster' is the story of a child's struggle to understand the role of baked goods, the very nature of time itself, and, above all, feet, in the modern world. The only guidance the child has comes from a Mother whose mood changes as quickly as the wind and a mysterious, unstable man, who simply goes by "The Foot Monster".

'Please Hold' is a story that documents the endless torture of being on hold all day for an issue that is so simply resolved. In the time it takes Miles to get through to an operator, he apprehends a burglar, learns to play the piano, and establishes a friendship.

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