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"Elena Yianni’s direction elevated the production and made it feel, even in a tiny black box theatre, big and lush – impressive for a three-hander."


"Ghost Light makes a mockery of my protestations that “I don’t like musicals”. This is two hours of thought-provoking and enjoyable theatre. I’m no expert when it comes to musicals, but I reckon it has enough to appeal to those fans who appreciate something a little darker, whilst still containing all the classic elements: wonderful choreography, great voices and a story worth telling."

"Some emotionally charged performances fit well with misinterpretations about people’s motivations, for good or for ill, in this nuanced and multilayered production."


"Ghost Light is nuts. It ought not to work. It does. In fact, it is a whole heap of fun."

Alumna launches theatre company and first production 'Revelations'

"Elena Yianni, who is from Cyprus and now lives in London, graduated with a BA (Hons) in Applied Theatre (Community and Education) in 2021. But after discovering intense competition in her chosen industry, Elena decided to do it on her own instead."


"Πρόσωπα Faces Guest Elena Yianni,
Theater Director 27.2.22"

"Revelations A New Play At The Brighton Fringe"

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